Wing Chun Weapons


Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) has two weapons forms the Luk Dim Boon Kwan (6 1/2 point pole) and the Baat Cham Doa (eight slashing knives). The luk dim boon kwan is rarely seen, and the baat cham doa is considered secret.

Luk Dim Boon Kwan (6 1/2 Point Pole)

The Luk Dim Boon Kwan (6 1/2 point pole) form uses a long tapered pole, known as the ‘sue mai kwan’ or ‘rat’s tail pole’. Traditionally the pole was approximately 12 feet long. Today, the average sue mai kwan is 8 to 10 feet long.

Like the rest of the Wing Chun system, the Luk Dim Poon Kwan form is free of fancy movements. The objectives of the luk dim Poon Kwan form is to help teach the student use of a long weapon, but more importantly, it helps to develop power, balance, and point energy.

 Baat Cham Doa

Baat Cham Doa (Eight Slashing Knives)

The Baat Cham Doa is considered the pinacle of the Ving Tsun system. Very few people ever persist in the Wing Chun system to reach this level. The Doa form is more than the final form in Wing Chun system, it is a sign of a student’s relationship with his Sifu.

The Baat Cham Doa helps to train the coordination of two hands, the eyes, the wrists and the footwork.Baat Cham Doa

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