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北約華人浸信會與基愛武術中心合辦養心詠春拳 Community Wing Chun (CWC)

日期: 11月17日
星期日: 下午1點30分
講員簡介: 基愛武術, 神武師傅陳就祥

拳經與聖經 – 心正拳至正、靈高品更高。

A Chinese Kungfu Exercise (CKE) seminar – Chinese martial art and The Bible

Presented by: North York Chinese Baptist Church and Christian Wushu Fellowship

Date: November 17, 2019
Time: 1:30pm
Speaker: Shifu Nelson Chan, founder of CWF (Christian Wushu Fellowship)


Past Wing Chun Seminars

WING CHUN SEMINAR – July 16, 2011

Lecturer – Lester Moy2 (Number 2 Special Student of GrandMaster Moy Yat of New York City), Sifu Nelson Chan, and Sifu Chuck O’Neill

Vingtsun’s (Wing Chun) dynamic alignment (align or not to align) Vingtsun Mother Theory’s Third doctrine. The seminar concentrates on the Vingtsun systems design from centreline to centreplane and to the third stage of Vingtsun physical development.

Sifu Nelson Chan’s Topics:

  1. Sticky hand survival
  2. Power Balancing in sticky hands

Sifu Chuck O’Neill’s Topics:

  1. Proper Base Structure
  2. Proper Upper Body Structure
  3. Connecting the Two Structures
  4. Putting Power into the Unified Structure

Also, the latest Baat Jaam Dou design will be unveiled during the presentation. There are three in the showcase.

  1. Sifu M. Hernandez’s model MH2011 – single bladed BJD
  2. Sifu A. Dandridge’s model AD2011 – two bladed BJD
  3. Sifu L. Imamura’s model LI2011 – three bladed BJD

This year is to commemorate GM Moy Yat’s 10th anniversary of his passing. His teachings will live on.

Date: Saturday July 16, 2011
Time: 12 pm to 4:00 pm
Place : 201 Tempo Avenue, Toronto, ON

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Guest Lecturer – Lester Moy2 (Number 2 Special Student of GrandMaster Moy Yat of New York City)

Lester Moy2 will be discussing the 300 year old culture of Ving Tsun Kung Fu from 1710 to 2010. Helping students to understand the System Design of Ving Tsun in Theory and Practice.

WHEN: Saturday May 29th, 2010
TIME: 12noon to 6:00pm
WHERE: Christian Wushu Fellowship
ADDRESS: 201 Tempo Avenue, Toronto, ON

Words from Sifu Chan

As the host of the seminar I felt it was a privilege to run this event for the Moy Yat lineage. The event turn out was a full house, with many students coming from far distances. The students’ comments are very positive; they all felt this was a very informative lecture and they learned a lot from this. The food was delicious and satisfying. And financially we did not run into a deficit, which is always a bonus.

The five doctrines and the one mother-governing theory presented clearly demonstrate the intelligence of our creator, Yim Wing Chun. The students are convinced and believe that their Wing Chun training needs to apply these doctrines and theory in order for them to move onto the next level in their training.

Please follow our web page ( for updates on future seminars and events that we will be hosting. May 31, 2010  SiFu Nelson Chan