“Wingchun and Health” is a product from iWingchun Enterprise Inc. in Canada This brand contains six tenets in learning Wingchun KungFu in Canada. Sifu Nelson Chan taught this program in Canada since 1972. Now, the technology is available to deliver this program worldwide. The six tenets are:

1.        Forms (拳法Quán Fǎ)

2.        Principles and theories (心法Xīn Fǎ)

3.        Training (功法Gōng Fǎ)

4.        Dietary (食法Shí Fǎ)

5.        Living (活法Huó Fǎ)

6.        Doctrine of Mean (庸法Yòng Fǎ)

iWingchun Enterprise promotes the second phase of Wingchun Kungfu – a life style (詠春仔Wingchun Youngster). A holistic way of learning “Chinese Martial Arts Today”.